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Derrik Banner lives a very ordinary life in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Once his son is diagnosed with an incurable decease, there begins a race against time, a struggle with conventional medicine and a journey to true perception: To love and to embrace the present.

Jonas McCord has worked for decades as script writer for feature films and TV-movies in L.A. In many cases he has been asked by studios and independent producers to assist with script-doctoring. During his career he has received many awards including an Emmy. The script has been developed co-writing with Jonas and in open cooperation with Chromosom Film Berlin, Alexander Wadouh.

Script writer: Jonas McCord
Director: Jonas

Conni Lubek - Anleitung zum Entlieben


Lpunkt wants to break up. For the last three years she has been fighting, hoping and ultimately, making a fool of herself. But now she is determined to make a fresh start. Just at this very moment she receives what she was longing for, for so long…

Lpunkt needs to make a courageous decision: hold on or let go ? Fight on or start over?

Script writer: Conni Lubek

Conni Lubek has studied human psychology and successfully completed courses in script writing. She has been working as an ad writer and creative director for advertising agencies in Hamburg, Germany for more than ten years. Her first novel ANLEITUNG ZUM ENTLIEBEN is based on her successful weblog, which has inspired over 800.000 viewers. After publishing two sequel novels, she is currently working as a script writer, hired by a range of different German feature film and TV production companies.

Script development is funded by FFA - German Federal Film Board.


DAS WERK – a documentary

A documentary telling the story of the founding of the company, DAS WERK, the friendship among the four visionaries and initial founders; Ralf Drechsler, Stefan Jonas, Stefan Jung and Christian Leonhardt, their entrepreneurial and skyrocketing success, the expansion to a worldwide operating post-production network with more than 700 employees, and ultimately the tragic path into insolvency, caused by the „German Neuer Markt“ in 2002.
The story about the craziness of „Neuer Markt“, has never been told before by insiders.

Director: Otmar Hitzelberger